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Guitar World comment on Tune Voodoo

“It’s fair to say it’s been a hit among guitar fans looking to eradicate the tuning problems”


-Guitar World Magazine


Revolutionize Your Guitar Tuning with Tune Voodoo™: The Ultimate Solution to Guitar Tuning Issues

Struggling with guitar tuning problems? Discover the magic of Tune Voodoo™, your definitive answer to keeping your guitar perfectly in tune, even when you're bending the strings like a rock legend. Say goodbye to constant retuning and hello to uninterrupted, harmonious play.

Tune Voodoo Skull

Why Tune Voodoo?

Tune Voodoo is not just a product; it's your guitar's best friend. Designed meticulously for electric guitars with 3L/3R machine heads, this innovative guitar string guide is the solution to common guitar tuning issues. By ensuring the D and G strings glide smoothly through the nut slots, it eliminates the friction that often leads to detuning. This means your guitar stays in tune longer, letting you focus on your music, not on constant adjustments.

Tune Voodoo Crown

Effortless Installation, Remarkable Results

Worried about installation? Don't be. Tune Voodoo is designed for easy setup with no lasting marks on your beloved instrument. In minutes, you can achieve improved tuning stability, guaranteed. And with our promise of a money-back guarantee, your satisfaction and enhanced playing experience are assured.

Choose Your Style: The Skull, The Crown or The Rock Star

Embrace the personality of your guitar with our three exclusive designs: The Skull, The Crown and The Rock Star. Each model not only solves your guitar tuning issues but does so with flair. Visit our shop today and select the design that matches your style. Hurry—our stock sells out fast. Secure your Tune Voodoo now and keep your guitar in tune effortlessly.

Tune Voodoo Rock Star

Disclaimer: the Tune Voodoo only works on a guitar that have straight-slotted nuts, and will not be effective if used on those guitars that have angled nut slots.
What does this mean?

Easy installation

Kenneth H

"So awesome I had to buy a 2nd one. Now my most played Les Paul's are both certified bad ass!"

James M

"Looks great and better yet it works great !"

Paper Street Guitar

"Absolutely fantastic product and service. Super nice."

Rooster's Guitars & Gear

"Elegantly simple and effective answer to an age-old problem 👍🏼"

Guitars of Lake Wylie

"Good build quality and works great! Thank you for making my LP playable again."

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