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This video made me quit my holiday

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Mm-mm summer and a long awaited motorcycle trip. I was cruising the west coast of Finland and after a week’s ride woke up last Saturday morning with my inbox full of Tune Voodoo orders.

What do you know, Darrell Braun Guitar had made a video about Tune Voodoo, that explains it 🙂

I quit my trip short and headed back home to make and ship all the orders. So it has been a really busy week so far. And to answer the question, does Tune Voodoo give you a better tuning? YES, YES it does! Check it out for yourself on this video.

Tune Voodoo Skulls
Tune Voodoo Skulls

We are making new Tune Voodoo skulls nonstop and the troops are getting ready for world domination.

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