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Frequently asked questions


Why would I need a Tune Voodoo string guide?

  • If you have a 3 x 3 head stock and have trouble with the tuning of your G or D string, Tune Voodoo can help you with that. Some guitars leave the factory with straight nut slots. This is a known issue, which is why many resellers fix the nut before selling the guitars, but many leave it as is. If the nut is fixed, you probably don’t have any tuning issues and don’t understand why other people are complaining about that. But if the nut is not fixed and your G or D string is giving you a hard time, you can either take the guitar to a luthier or fix the nut yourself by filing the slots. Moreover, if you don’t want to risk damaging your precious guitar, you can install a Tune Voodoo string guide that guides the strings from the straight nut slots to the tuning pegs.


My nut is already fixed, do I still need Tune Voodoo?

  • No, if your nut is already cut to accommodate the original string angle, you probably don’t even have any tuning issues. In fact, installing a Tune Voodoo string guide to a head stock with fixed nut is not advisable as Tune Voodoo is designed to guide the strings running from straight nut slots to the tuning pegs.

  • You only need Tune Voodoo in case your nut slots do NOT track with the direction of your strings.


Do I have to drill a hole to my head stock?

  • Oh gosh, no. You remove one of the screws on the truss rod cover and screw the string guide on that. You need a 2mm (5/64") Allen Wrench to screw it on. Tune Voodoo does not touch your guitar's nitro-cellulose lacquer, only the plastic truss rod cover, so it is a non-permanent mod and you can always return your guitar into it's original set up.


I want one but it’s out of stock! Did I miss my opportunity?

  • Absolutely not! We are a small two-man operation and we usually only make new Skulls according to orders. At the moment our string guide is in high demand so we are making them as fast as we can. So go ahead and put in your order, we’ll get back to you.


Does my guitar fit into a guitar case after Tune Voodoo is installed?

  • Yes, a guitar with a Tune Voodoo string guide installed on the headstock will still fit nicely in a standard Gibson guitar case, for example.


I love the idea but the skull is not quite my thing. Do you have any other options?

  • We started our product development by innovating and experimenting with the Skull because we thought it would look amazing on the guitar we were testing it with. And we were right! But we understand that skulls may not be everyone’s cup of tea so we are constantly brainstorming and testing other options. In fact, we have just introduced another fun and functional Tune Voodoo string guide, the Crown, that will please those looking for a more elegant solution for their guitar tuning issues. Both options are available in our shop.


But won’t this make it a pain to adjust the truss rod?

  • Well, yes. You will need to remove the string guide before adjusting the truss rod. But with hand on your heart, how often do you adjust the truss rod once it is adjusted? Of course, if you do it often then our string guide might not be the right fit for your needs.


Where can I buy one?

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