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Enfin, je peux jouer plusieurs pièces une après l'autre sans avoir à accorder ma Les Paul. Ça fonctionne vraiment !!! Et que dire du service de vente! Kimmo a remué ciel et terre afin de me faire parvenir le Tune Voodoo au Québec. Alors qu'attendez-vous? Commandez-le!!!!


Great looking skull.


This is the second one I've purchased, they're perfect for my Les Pauls!


Great product

Donald J Scott

Aside from the shipping delays due to weather and the overseas hassles, this product appears to be of superb quality. Takes all of 5 minutes to install and my initial thoughts are, it actually fixes the LP issues with tuning! Next install will be my 335s and 339. Seems to work really well on the Flying V also. Most definitely worth the investment.


Love it! Very unique and and helpful


Works and works well. Looks cool too. Recommended.

Michael Pal

Tune Voodoo installed on a top-wrapped Cherry Sunburst Les Paul. Played along with Albert King backing tracks-After string stretch-PERFECT! PERFECT! PERFECT!
GUITAR STAYED IN TUNE after bending notes (and I'm being nice when I say I was bending notes because I was bending a step, a step and half to infinity) on the D and G string!!! PERFECT!!
Ordered 3 more!! (Had to use your Finnish page for ordering). Thank you Kimmo:)) Give me a shout when you are in my area-We will ride!! GREAT PRODUCT!!


I went into this with an open mind and a little skeptical.
Arrived quickly, Looks great, I was surprised as I wasn't impressed with 3D printing. But wow, Great quality, installation is easy, even I could do it. I have seen some feedback about how it only changes the stress points, And it does, which is the point. Strings are not "pinching" at the nut. I do see a difference in the tuning staying more accurate for longer.
And as someone else posted. "Even if it does nothing, it looks BADASS"


Works great and looks awesome!

Jason T Williams

Installed on BY Gibson. Love it. Recommended.


Quality is great. Everything is exactly as shown and does exactly what it supposed to do. Way cool.

Torien BW

Very fast shipping. Great functional detail for your favorite axe


This brilliant little invention was the perfect addition to my most recent Les Paul build. It not only keeps the D & G strings in tune (FINALLY!!! My G string was stubborn), it's a great talking piece on the guitar. Everyone asks what it is and I explain it all to them, and guitarists immediately know what I mean.

Kimmo was great to work with. I didn't realize these shipped from Norway, but it was worth the price to do business with Tune Voodoo and get an awesome contraption/talking piece for my guitar that does more than just look cool.


So far so good. Thank you.


Looks great and works great. It was easy to paint with D&D miniature paints, as well.


Nice little piece. Works for what it is designed to do. Looks cool on my guitar.


Really does seem to help with stability in tuning my Gibson SG. Pleasantly surprised, but kinda wish I got the crown version, I feel like it would’ve matched the SG better. Shipping was surprisingly fast for being overseas.


Works great. Have bought (3) fir my gibson's

David Hodges

Very nice. I can't say if it helps tuning, but it looks cool, and that's why I got it.


The customer service is excellent: the seller is responsive and was able to fix a small problem with the order promptly and effectively. Highly recommend!


Great service, just as pictured


Exactly as described/pictured/expected. Installed easily. Not yet gigged, but appears to do exactly as described.


High quality item, easy installation, and it gives my guitar that much more personality. It works exactly as it says it does, definitely helps with the extreme angle on a Dean headstock.


Really helps keep the G in tune


Love it. Speedy shipping & really well-made.


Great item works like a charm! I've bought 3 so far and will probably buy more in the future. Thanks!


Great gift, happy with the purchase


Adds a nice touch, and stabilizes the D&G through the nut.


The 3d printing looks fantastic. The metal eyelets seem to be centered and the mounting screw is of good quality. Its installation is simple and fits perfectly to my Epiphone DCPro. Ive had no tuning issues prior to purchasing this, but knowing the common issues with string angle on LP guitars this seems like a great way to avoid potential issues, plus it really looks cool, and adds some character to the guitar! Great job!


Cool add to my guitar. Sits solid and looks awesome. FYI - I had to take my time getting it set and balanced since my truss cover doesn't have a bottom screw. (Schecter solo ii) It's the guitar's fault, not the skull.

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Killer item, my Les Paul ROCK now!!


Definitely helps my LP stay in tune.


Fantastic gift, such a unique and useful gift


Works great! Tuning stability is much better now.


Great product. Easy to install and looks great on Epiphone LP with black trim/hardware.


quality build, works great,looks great


Arrived quickly considering its close to Xmas. Impressed. The item is exactly what it described


Looks great! I dry brushed it and now the highlights match my guitar. It totally fixed that G string tuning issue that LP type guitar users suffer from. Ordering another today!


Works as it should.


I bought two, they work great. Detail on the skull is a bit rough but not so much that it's a problem.


It's good quality. Tha KS so much!


Bought this as a gift...he absolutely loved it!!! Thank you sooo much ❤


This was easy to install and my grandson loved it on the new guitar I gave him for his birthday.

Jeremy J Silcott

Keeps the D and G strings in tune longer on my Dean, plan on buying a few more.


First off I need to note that I saw this product featured on Darrel Braun's YouTube channel, thanks Darrel! My tune voodoo arrived weeks earlier than I expected it to, considering I was told it was shipping from Finland. I received my order 6 days after I placed it! Product quality is excellent and it installed effortlessly. It looks great on my black Gibson Les Paul and it perfectly corrected the break angle of the D and C strings over the nut. I'm definitely satisfied and I'm looking forward to more designs/colors in the future!


Great! Highly recommend this one.


A simple solution for a big problem. Great design, worked like a charm AND much easier to install that other products that allegedly do the same. I highly recommend!!


Keeps the strings apart just enough, look good too.


Great addition for my guitar.


It was beautiful and really cool


Great quality, great price. Haven't installed it yet.... but it'll happen soon.


As advertised and shipped promptly


Neat little piece of gear. Who doesn't love skulls on their guitar!?

Benito Roberto Ortega Ondarza

Sencillo de usarlo. Excelente calidad.


Works as described and looks good.


Great communication, I would buy again from him.


Love this, I don’t know if it helps keep guitar in tune yet but it looks cool!


Super Cooles Teil. Verstimmprobleme sind endlich Passé. Super Verkäufer.
Les Paul Spieler unbedingt Ausprobieren 👍🏼🤩


Item as described, very well made


After 15 years, my Gibson ES335 has tuning stability. Does what it says and outstanding customer service. Don’t hesitate to buy!


Great product, exactly as described AAAA++++


Excellent quality and easy to install 👌


It's a beautiful piece of craftmanship and it helped take care of the tuning issues I had on my Gibson SG. Would recommend this string guide to friends because it works! Thank you Kimmo.


I haven't actually installed the "Crown" string guide on my Les Paul project; which is on me and not Tune Voodoo. I've hit more than one snag that has me WAAAY behind and very frustrated. "Leslie" is the first guitar I bought with my own money. A 1961 Epi Les Paul, she's been part of my life since I started high school. And this device is what she's needed her whole life, and something I had thought about and wished for since I brought her home. And "Routtah, vouttah,-zoot! It now exists, and there's no doubt in my mind that the old girl will be better--maybe even dead spot on if my restoration becomes a reality. Thanks Tune Voodoo for making what owners of Les Pauls everywhere have probably thought of and wished existed, but you made a reality!

Joey stewart

Looking Forward To Feeding the Strings Through The Eyes Of "Tune Voodoo"


This product fit perfectly and DEFINETLY helped out with tuning stability. 10/10, I highly recommend buying one for yourself.


What you see is what you get :)


Perfect mod for keeping the tuning.


High quality machining, not sure if this is a 3D printed product, it definitely stabilized the G string tuning. I would have not played the Epiphone as much until I installed this. BTW it is so easy to install. Thank you, great product!


Very cool item. Works Great. Thanks


Top quality, works very well.
Easy installation.
Fast delivery, before the estimated arrival.


This little skull ended up in limbo for a while due to it shipping from Finland to the US but the seller was very helpful. It finally arrived and im super excited to try it out on my SG


Looks awesome. Works perfectly just as described. Seller got back to me promptly when I had a question. Couldn’t be happier!


So good, fuck off D and G string


Works very well on my guitar
Good product


I LOVE IT, I will order more, for my other guitars. Unfortunately, however, there are no other colors or other models.


Great seller! I ordered 2 of the Tune Voodoo Skulls after seeing a review on youtube. They arrived well before expected. Cleanly printed and fully assembled. I can't wait to install them! Thanks!!


The TuneVoodoo is awesome, worked exactly as expected (goodbye G-string tuning issues!), and the support from the seller was awesome throughout when answering my questions. Highly recommend it, exceeded my expectations.




High quality, very unique, practical, and shipped super fast! Five stars!


Great string guide, got rid of my G string issues
Arrived fast


A very unique guitar string guide. I haven't used a string guide in the past, but when I saw this one, which is a skull,I had to have it. I have an skull obsession & have an extensive collection of skulls & this one will fit in to my house very well.


Unique, well made item. Easy to install and attractive.
Lightning fast delivery- 7 days from Finland to Canada!

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