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Tune Voodoo™ is a guitar string guide designed especially for Les Paul guitars with 3L/3R machine heads and straight nut slots on the headstock.

It corrects the position of the D and G strings for a straight course through the nut slots, preventing the guitar strings from getting stuck in the nut and so making the instrument more stable in tuning.


To install the Tune Voodoo™ string guide:

  1. Remove the G and D strings from your guitar.

  2. Remove the upper screw from the truss rod cover. (Do not remove the cover.)

  3. Take the screw that came with your Tune Voodoo™ string guide and put it through the top of the string guide. You need a 2mm (5/64") Allen Wrench to screw it on.

  4. Screw the string guide to the upper part of the truss rod cover.
    NOTE: Be careful not to screw it too tight. 

  5. Insert the D string through the left hole, and the G string through the right hole of the string guide.

  6. Tighten the strings in turns until they are in tune. Use our online guitar tuner to check your tuning.


Hot tip! When tightening the strings, wind the G string up instead of down on the tuning post to improve tuning. And always remember stretch your new strings!

Watch Darrell Braun's instructions how to install the Tune Voodoo guitar string guide on your guitar.

Also check out our blog for more tips and tricks how to keep your guitar in tune.


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