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Transforming Your Guitar's Tuning Stability with Tune Voodoo: The Revolutionary 3D Printed Skull String Guide

Updated: Apr 27

Tune Voodoo fixing tuning issues
Tune Voodoo Skull

In the vibrant world of guitar customization and enhancement, a groundbreaking accessory is making waves among guitar enthusiasts and small-scale builders alike. It's called Tune Voodoo, and it promises to bring not just a flair to your guitar but also a significant improvement in tuning stability. This article delves into what makes Tune Voodoo a must-have for any guitarist looking to elevate their playing experience.

Unveiling Tune Voodoo: Not Just Any String Guide

At first glance, Tune Voodoo captivates with its distinct appearance—a 3D printed skull that's far from your average string guide. Designed specifically for guitars with three-plus-three headstocks, such as the iconic Les Paul, Tune Voodoo addresses a common issue: incorrect string geometry. By correcting this, it ensures that strings run straight through the nut, minimizing the chances of hang-ups during bends and vigorous playing.

Installation: A Breeze for Guitarists

One might assume that adding such a novel piece to a guitar involves a complicated process. However, Tune Voodoo shatters this misconception. The installation is remarkably straightforward, requiring the removal of the top truss rod cover screw and replacing it with the skull, which comes equipped with a high-quality Allen key screw. This non-permanent mod can be completed in mere minutes, even for those who decide to change strings in the process.

The Practical Benefits of a Unique Design

Beyond its unique aesthetic, Tune Voodoo serves a practical purpose by enhancing string geometry at the nut. This adjustment ensures a smoother path for the strings, reducing the likelihood of snags and improving overall tuning stability. The inclusion of metal within the skull ensures durability and prevents wear, showcasing the thoughtful design behind this accessory.

A Nod to Small Builders and Innovators

The creation of Tune Voodoo highlights the ingenuity and passion of small builders in the guitar community. Without the vast marketing budgets of larger brands, these innovators rely on their unique ideas and the support of the community to share their products. Featuring such inventions not only shines a light on their hard work but also introduces guitarists to potentially game-changing accessories they might have otherwise missed. So please share and tell your fellow guitarists about Tune Voodoo.

Why Tune Voodoo Deserves Your Attention

Tune Voodoo stands out as one of the most intriguing string guides available today. Its combination of aesthetic appeal, practical functionality, and ease of installation makes it a compelling addition to any guitarist's toolkit. Priced at around $29 in the U.S., it offers great value for those seeking to improve their instrument's performance and appearance.

Tune Voodoo exemplifies the kind of creativity and problem-solving that enriches guitarists' musical journeys. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the guitar world, embracing such unique accessories can lead to discoveries that enhance your playing experience in unexpected ways.


The Tune Voodoo 3D printed skull string guide is more than just a novel accessory—it's a testament to the creativity and ingenuity that thrives within the guitar community. By offering a simple solution to a common problem, it represents the kind of innovation that keeps music evolving. For those looking to improve their guitar's tuning stability with a touch of style, Tune Voodoo is undoubtedly worth considering.

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