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Tune Voodoo Rock Star is an exquisitely handmade product from Finland, designed to revolutionize the tuning stability of electric guitars. Crafted specifically for guitars with 3L/3R machine heads and straight nut slots on the headstock, this innovative accessory is a perfect fit for Les Paul owners. It expertly corrects the position of the D and G strings, ensuring a straight course through the nut slots and preventing the strings from getting stuck. This results in a significant improvement in tuning stability, allowing musicians to focus on their performance without worry.


But Tune Voodoo Rock Star isn't just about functionality; it's also about style. For guitarists who not only seek to eliminate tuning issues but also desire to enhance their guitar's visual appeal, Tune Voodoo adds a snazzy touch to your instrument. It's the perfect choice for those who demand both precision in play and elegance in appearance, making your guitar not just sound better but also look outstanding on stage.


Quick and easy to install: Just remove your truss rod cover's upper screw and screw Tune Voodoo in place.

- Rock Star is 3D printed and metal spacers are inserted by hand into each socket of the star to minimize friction.
- Comes with 16mm (5/8") screw , you need a 2mm (5/64") Allen Wrench to screw it on.

- This is a perfect fit for Gibson Les Paul headstock and the "tips" of the star will not touch A and B strings. If you are planning to install this to a different guitar make sure that A and B string's tuning pegs have at least 38,37 mm (1,51") space between them. 

We ship from Texas US. Processing time 1-5 business days, delivery time 3-7 business days to the US, other countries 7 - 30 business days.

Rock Star

SKU: rev-64798237
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