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Are you tired of constantly tuning your electric guitar? Do you find yourself struggling to stay in tune during performances or recording sessions? Look no further than the Tune Voodoo Crown. Handcrafted in Finland, this innovative product is designed to improve the tuning stability of your electric guitar, making it a must-have for any serious musician.

The Tune Voodoo Crown is not your average guitar accessory. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Finland by expert craftsmen, ensuring the highest quality and performance. The result? A product that not only looks beautiful, but also delivers superior performance when it comes to tuning stability. Say goodbye to constantly retuning and hello to a more enjoyable playing experience.

Designed for guitars with 3L/3R machine heads and straight nut slots on the headstock, especially for Les Pauls. Corrects the position of the D and G strings for a straight course through the nut slots, preventing the guitar strings from getting stuck in the nut. Makes instruments more stable in tuning.


Quick and easy to install: Just remove your truss rod cover's upper screw and screw Tune Voodoo in place.

- Crown is 3D printed and metal spacers are inserted by hand into it to minimize friction.
- Comes with 16mm (5/8") screw , you need a 2mm (5/64") Allen Wrench to screw it on.

We ship from Texas US. Processing time 1-5 business days, delivery time 3-7 business days to the US, other countries 7 - 30 business days.

Installation video


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Mindful of the environment: We are bringing our values of sustainability to life. Therefore, we use solar power energy in making the crowns and utilize recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. 🌿🌎

Stop the Frustration - The Power of Tune Voodoo Crown

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