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Unleash Your Guitar's True Potential

Discover the magic of the Tune Voodoo Skull, a masterpiece meticulously handcrafted in Finland, designed to elevate the tuning stability of your electric guitar with a 3R/3L headstock. Its unique innovation brings a new level of precision to your playing. Experience the unparalleled clarity and sustain that transforms every note into a crystal-clear declaration of your musical prowess.


Elevate Your Performance

The Tune Voodoo Skull is not just an accessory; it's a revolution in guitar tuning technology. Designed for guitars with a 3R/3L headstock, it ensures that your strings remain in perfect tune, allowing you to focus on your music without the distraction of constant retuning. Whether you're a professional musician or a passionate enthusiast, the Tune Voodoo Skull empowers you to push the boundaries of your art.

Designed for guitars with 3L/3R machine heads and straight nut slots on the headstock, especially for Les Pauls, Tune Voodoo corrects the position of the D and G strings for a straight course through the nut slots, preventing the guitar strings from getting stuck in the nut thus making the instrument stable in tuning.


Quick and easy to install: Just remove your truss rod cover's upper screw and screw Tune Voodoo in place.

- Skull is 3D printed and metal spacers are inserted by hand into each eye socket of the skull to minimize friction.
- Comes with 16mm (5/8") screw , you need a 2mm (5/64") Allen Wrench to screw it on.

We ship from Texas US. Processing time 1-5 business days, delivery time 3-7 business days to the US, other countries 7 - 30 business days.

Installation video

Mindful of the environment: We are bringing our values of sustainability to life. Therefore, we use solar power energy in making the skulls and utilize recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. 🌿🌎

Tune Voodoo Skull - The Secret to Perfect Guitar Tuning

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